Foals of 2011

Here at Benson Ranch we wait eagerly for our foals as they are a result of much careful planning and big dreams. Most of our breeding donkeys are part of the Circle C herd and are Grant and Sharon Cooke's legacy. It is an honor to have the herd here and a privilege to watch foals of this quality arrive. Our foals are born throughout most of the year. This herd has been established for many years and quite a few of the individual donkeys are well known. Because of this I have decided to post my list of our foals expected for 2011. If you see a pairing that particularly appeals to you please let me know and I will notify you when that foal is born.


The genetic background of our herd is very important to me. Many of our best donkeys are older (17 yrs+) and I don't want to lose their bloodlines so if they produce a jennet foal, or a jack that will work in our program, I will retain that foal because I cannot be sure they will do this again. I do not keep our best, I keep the bloodlines we need.

She's here!!!

Our first foal of the year has arrived and she was sooo worth waiting for! I purchased her dam at the first Colorado Rocky Mountain Sale as a yearling. We showed her and she won several championships before becoming part of our brood jennet herd. I love this jennet! I bred her to Silverado and on 1/15/11 at 1:30am she gave us the most beautiful tiny silver jennet foal.
 I am so happy with her!

BR Pixie Dust
gray jennet foal    DOB:  1/15/11
Circle C Jessica's Jewell x Circle C Silverado

Thank you Rebecca and Simon Goddard
Highbury Stud, England

*** Pixie won her Foals class at her first show in Eugene, Oregon AND was awarded the Reserve Junior Champion. In my 19 years I have never seen a foal win this. We are so proud of Pixie, and of Rebecca, who showed her to perfection. Nice job!

OK, from here on out I will list our youngest foals first.....


gray jennet      DOB:  12/20/11
Circle C Diamond Flush's Queen
Circle C Silverado

Noel is a pretty little wisp of a girl who looks a lot like her dad!


BR Caley

gray jennet     DOB: 12/12/11
758's Clarabell x Circle C Silverado

Caley is a beauty and I am absolutely nuts about her! Clarabell and Silverado did everything right with this foal!

BR Here Comes Trouble

black gelding   DOB:  11/16/11
Circle C Rave Review x MGF Future Link

This cross has always been fabulous and at this point I like Trouble best of all. He has wonderful bone, a great hip, and quite the attitude! He was trying to canter 15 minutes after he was born. I think he is going to be tons of fun! He is for sale.

Trouble has been sold.

BR Brio

smoky black with star gelding   DOB: 11/9/11
Lil' Angels Star of Hope x MGF Future Link

Brio has substantial bone and is fancy.

Brio has been sold.
Thank you Tragen Smart!!!

BR Surry

gray jennet   DOB: 11/8/11

Surry has long legs! They are very correct
and she is a fancy girl.

Thank you Kim Fuson!
Love That Ass Ranch

BR Silver Sensation

light silver gray jennet   DOB:  10/19/11  BH 19"
Circle C Penny Ante x Circle C Silverado

Little miss Silver is tiny and correct. She is fancy and has wonderful bloodlines.
We are delighted with this cross.

Thank you Kim Fuson!
Love That Ass Ranch

BR Yancy

gray gelding   DOB: 10/13/11
Circle C Justine x BR Pepper Jack

Yancy is spicy and fun.
He is a very handsome boy as well.

BR Madison

light sorrel jennet  DOB: 10/10/11
758's Chanel x BR Caliente'


BR Capri

dark brown jennet   DOB:  10/8/11
Circle C Forever Diamond II x MGF Red Jet

Capri is a drafty girl with a lovely head. Her full sister is now a top show jennet and Capri looks very much like her. This sire and dam are perfect for each other. I offer Capri with confidence.


BR Trick Or Treat

bright sorrel gelding   DOB: 10/6/11

Lil' Angels Gypsy Rose x Circle C Legend

This little guy is drafty with good bone and wonderful bloodlines.


BR Chimera
peach and white spotted jennet    DOB: 10/4/11
Circle C Cappachino x BR Pepper Jack

Chimera is out of one of our very best jennets.
She is well conformed, well bred, and is quite a unique color. What fun!

Thank you Kim Fuson!
Love That Ass Ranch

BR Snickers

brown/gray gelding   DOB: 9/29/11
Circle C Gypsy Rose x Ozark Jazzy Jamm

Snickers is a cute little guy and nice enough that I wish he had been a jennet! By the way, his patchy hair on his top side is from his dam fussing
 with him.

Snickers has been sold.

BR Skeeter

dark gray gelding    DOB:  9/8/11 
Circle C Mirage x MGF Future Link

Skeeter is a beauty! At this point he looks like a nlp but who knows what he will be when mature.
Skeeter is very friendly and bold.

Kathy Rodriguez
Wind Dancer Kennel

BR Motown's Intrepid

black jack    DOB: 6/16/11
Circle C Ezmeralda x Circle C Little Motown

I have longed for a tall, black Motown son for years and here he is! I think he is spectacular.

Intrepid has been sold.

BR Jet's Rimrock

dark sorrel gelding with large star   DOB: 6/1/11
Circle C Topaz x MGF Red Jet

This fellow is beautiful, as are all Topaz's foals.


BR Watch Me Now

brown/dark gray jennet   DOB: 5/22/11
Sterling Silver of Circle C
BR Lightening's Rembrandt

Of all the jennets I purchased when I bought the Cooke herd Sterling Silver is special to me and I have wanted another Sterling Silver daughter for years. This was my year!! She is outstanding and I feel blessed. She, of course, will stay with us as a future show jennet and brood jennet.

Sterling Silver is now retired at the age of 24 and will live out her remaining years here at the ranch with us as the cherished friend she is.

BR Ambrosia

brown, gray, and white spotted jennet 
DOB: 5/17/11
Lil Angels Esther x BR Pepper Jack

She is lovely!!!

Thank you Kim Fuson
Love That Ass Ranch

BR Pecos

bright sorrel gelding   DOB:  5/8/11
Circle C Flambe' x MGF Red Jet


BR Jigsaw

brown and white spotted gelding   DOB:  5/5/11
Circle C Eternity x BR Pepper Jack


BR Cabaret

very dark brown jennet   DOB:  4/28/11
Circle C Cashmere x MGF Red Jet

Thank you Kim Fuson!
Love That Ass Ranch

BR Mimosa

light sorrel   DOB: 4/23/11
758's Red Velvet x Circle C Legend

Legend sires spectacular foals!

Mimosa is stay with us as part of our breeding program

BR Monte Carlo

red hot sorrel jack   DOB:  3/16/11
LN Sonnies Cherries x BR Lightening's Rembrandt

This is Rembrandt's first foal. What a beginning!
 Monte is truly an outstanding young jack.

Thank you Kim Fuson!
Love That Ass Ranch

BR Silver Charm

silver gray jennet    DOB:  2/17/11
NCL Diamond Flush x Circle C Silverado


Thank you Halftide Farms
Friday Harbor, Washington

BR Rhapsody

sorrel jennet    DOB: 1/30/11
Ass-pirin Acres Just Plain Sugar x Circle C Legend

I have waited for this jennet for a long time!
She will stay here at Benson Ranch.

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