The Special Importance of Selenium in Miniature Donkeys

written by Cindy Benson
All equines need selenium. It is naturally occurring in most soil types, except volcanic soil such as the majority of soil in the Pacific Northwest, and is therefore found in food sources such hay and grain. In areas such as these the need to supplement selenium isn’t given much thought and the …

Stubborn As A Mule???

written by Cindy Benson
Well, maybe. The reputation is earned but those of us who love our long ear friends, donkeys and mules alike, might see it differently. So I am offering a brief look into the psyche of the Ass – just for fun. 
Mules are a hybrid, which means they cannot reproduce, and are a …

Let The Force Be With You

written by Cindy Benson
I have had the privilege of living with Miniature Donkeys for the past 20 years. I love to watch the language they use with each other. It can be so subtle. Horses in a social situation can be explosive in that they will sometimes squeal, spin and kick with both hind feet, …

A Field Guide to Understanding Miniature Donkey Conformation

written by Cindy Benson
There are often times when I need to quickly evaluate the conformation of a donkey, such as when I travel, at a sale, or at a show. These donkeys may be out in a field wearing their winter shaggy coat or show clipped, in hand or at liberty. A good deal of …

Using Photos To Study Conformation

written by Cindy Benson
I am absolutely fascinated by the study of equine conformation. I have read oodles of books on the subject and have even paid professionals to come to my ranch and teach me using my own animals. All of this has been really helpful but it is possible to take things one step …


Cindy Benson
We live in challenging times. Life is a little uncertain and sometimes a little scary. Many of us have become more cautious and are making adjustments in our lives in an effort to “just get through this”. I know I think harder about spending money and am staying home more rather than traveling …

You Bought How Many Donkeys???

Sharon Cooke and I with Circle C Larissa
Cindy Benson, Benson Ranch Miniature Donkeys
October 2006
You bought how many donkeys??? When I tell people about my purchase of the Cooke herd, almost without exception, this is the comment. Well, I bought eighty five donkeys, and this is one of the most challenging, and rewarding, times of my …

You Bought How Many Donkeys??? – One Year Later

Sharon Cooke and I with Circle C Eternity
Cindy Benson, Benson Ranch Miniature Donkeys
April 2008
In the fall of 2006 I purchased the Circle C herd of miniature donkeys from Grant and Sharon Cooke of Cooke Livestock, Alberta, Canada. I wrote an article called “You Bought How Many Donkeys???” about the story behind this opportunity which was …