BR Raspberry Sparkle

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/3/16
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Sire: MGF Red Jet
  • Dam: Circle C Raspberry Ice

Raspberry Ice has been a great brood jennet over the years and I have always enjoyed her foals. I believe, though, that Sparkle is the nicest foal she has ever produced. This little girl has such presence! She’s bright and stylish and oh so friendly, but with a bit of a spark. She’s very sure of herself! Sparkle shows a lot of Red Jet’s influence, more so than any of Raspberry’s other foals have. I’m pleased to see this as he has been an exceptional sire for us for many years. A few months ago I made the decision to allow him to retire and spend his remaining years as a cherished pet gelding, with Circle C Legend.┬áThe life of a jack is not easy, and it makes me smile to watch Legend and Red Jet out in the pasture without a care in the world. That being said I do know what I gave up in terms of potential foals carrying his blood line. To see a jennet like Sparkle come along to carry his good genetics forward is rewarding.

Sparkle has impressive blood lines on both her sire line and dam line so it should be easy to find a jack to compliment her when the time comes. I think she will mature in the 32″-33″ range, based on what I see of her at this point. Sparkle has a lovely head and it is tempting to just watch and admire her. I think she will be conformed more like Red Jet than like her dam, but of course at her age this is only my educated opinion.