LN Sonnies Cherries

Sonnies Cherries
  • DOB: 6/7/11
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height: 32 1/2"
  • Sire: LN Redsonnehi
  • Dam: LN Raspberry Red


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Cherries is one of my personal favorites. She has a sweet, engaging manner, has beautiful foals, and settles easily. What more could you ask for?

Cherries face cf 600

CJ c lg

Pictured above is LN Cherries Jubilee. He is a son of Cherries that was born before I purchased her. I was leasing this jack at the time I purchased Cherries. His obvious quality has a lot to do with why I bought her. She has never disappointed me.

Cherries best c2 lg shp

I showed Cherries once when she was middle aged and after she produced several foals. She did very well!

Cherries has desirable genetics behind her including LN Redsonnehi, LN Nehemiah, and Jennie Sam of Belle E Acres.

Cherries head 1 c 600

Cherries’ first foal for us was BR Sienna; he is pictured below. Sienna is a herd sire in Washington.

Her next foal was a lovely jennet we named BR Sierra; she is pictured below. Sierra has had a great show career so far.

Cherries next gave us a Legend daughter we named BR Cherish. She is pictured below.

Cherish 5-6 fix

Kismet 3-4 c400

This is BR Kismet – Cherries’ 2009 jennet foal sired by MGF Red Jet.

Monte side sr c 600

BR Monte Carlo

In 2011 Cherries gave us the outstanding jack foal BR Monte Carlo. He is one of Rembrandt’s first foals and what a way to begin! I showed Monte as a yearling. He won every class I entered him in and came home a Junior Champion. Nice!

Deb side cf 600

This is BR Debutant – Cherrie’s 2012 jennet sired by Circle C Legend. She will stay with us.

Robbi 9-29 cf 600

This is BR Robbi – Cherries’ 2014 jack foal sired by BR Pepper Jack.

Cherries is currently in foal to BR Caliente’ and is due December 2015.

In 2009 Cherries gave us the beautiful Legend daughter BR Kismet. She is pictured below.

In 2010 I bred Cherries to BR Lightening’s Rembrandt. They produced BR Monte Carlo, pictured below. This is Rembrandt’s first foal and I could not be more pleased! I showed him four times in 2012 and he finished the year undefeated and with two Championships. That was fun! he is now a herd sire in California.

This is BR Monte Carlo being shown as a yearling.

On 7/21/12 Cherries gave us a beautiful sorrel jennet foal sired by Circle C Legend. We named her BR Debutant and she is pictured below.