Stoneybrook’s Milan

  • DOB: 3/25/15 Breeding Male
  • Sire: Stoneybrook's Marco - OFA Hips Good
  • Dam: Stoneybrook's Alishe - OFA Hips Good

PennHIP scores:  .15 and .34

OFA: Elbows and Eyes Normal

Milan side 5-18 cf 600

Milan is a confident and attentive guardian with a kind, sensitive demeanor. I do love this dog!!!

We are so please to have him with us and thank Colleen William of Stoneybrook Maremma Sheepdogs, Minnesota for this incredible fellow.


These next photos are of Milan working with Tanzie, his spayed female partner. They are so good together!!!



Milan at eight weeks of age.



Marco face

This is Stoneybrook’s Marco – Milan’s sire

Stoneybrook’s Marco has had full health testing, as have both his sire and dam. His sire Stoneybrook’s Hoss scored OFA hips Good; his Dam Stoneybrook’s Nala scored OFA hips Good.

Marco in snow

This is Marco at work!

The photos below are of the beautiful Stoneybrook’s Alishe, Milan’s dam. Alishe has had full health testing, as have both her sire and dam. Her sire Stoneybrook’s Hank scored OFA hips Fair; her Dam Stoneybrook’s Hailey scored OFA hips Good.

Alishe cf 600

Alishe sit cf 600

The photos of Stoneybrook’s Marco and Stoneybrook’s Alishe courtesy of Colleen Williams.