Thistle Havens Annalise and Thistle Havens Sammy

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 2/25/16
  • Sire: Thistle Havens Hunter - PennHIP scores .31 & .36
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Tulip - PennHIP scores .31 & .34


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This is Sammy and Annie with their new owner. All three are doing well!


Annie is a lovely pup with her dam’s mild temperament. She is being offered as a working guardian with her partner and sibling, Sammy. Both dogs have Limited Registrations. Annie must be spayed prior to one year of age and Sammy must be neutered prior to one year of age. Annie is very friendly and sure of herself. She’s a cuddle toy! Her partner Sammy is a bit shy and sensitive with regard to people but is a bold and outstanding guardian. I find his softness beguiling and am very fond of him. He is going to be gorgeous! He has his sire’s wide, blocky head and huge dark eyes. These two pups work so well together. Annie is always the first to approach people and leads Sammy in, while Sammy is always the first to alert and charge a threat with Annie close behind.



Lisa smile cf 600

Sammy smile 8-26 cf 600


Annie kiss 8-26 cf 600

Annie giving a kiss to Lisa.

Tulip M cf 600

Thistle Havens Tulip – She is just over a year old in this photo.

Hunter cf 600 copy

Thistle Havens Hunter – Annie’s sire – as a pup