Thistle Havens Tulip

  • DOB: 2/27/15
  • Sire: Thistle Havens Rohan - PennHIP scores .41 & .46
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Dahlia - PennHIP scores .37 & .41


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PennHIP scores:  .31 and .34

These hip scores put Tulip in the 85th percentile for all Maremmas tested!!!!

Tulip had eight pups sired by Stoneybrook’s Milan on March 2, 2017

Tulip is such a kind, sensitive soul. I love everything about this girl. She is long and lean and so, so athletic. She is extremely tractable; I can get anything I need from her just by whispering to her. My foals adore her and their moms trust her with them, which is a big compliment to Tulip.

Marley Tulip down cf 600

A tender moment with Tulip and a three week old foal.

Tulip face 5-18 cf 600

Tulip flowers 5-18


Tulip carries blood lines that are important to the Maremma gene pool. Her sire’s sire is Baldo. In his career in the US Baldo produced only two registered breeding offspring; Tulip’s sire Rohan is one of them. Due to an extremely unfortunate accident Rohan’s breeding career was cut short. He produced only two offspring with breeding potential; Tulip is one of them. This makes her blood lines diverse to many breeding programs here in the US. I am proud to add her to our breeding program!!!

These next three photos are of Tulip’s 2017 pups by Stoneybrook’s Milan

Tulip pups eat cf 600

Tulip female w toy cf 600

pups on fence 1500

pups w sheep cf 600

Tulip w old girls cf 600

Dahlia cf 600

Tulip’s dam Dahlia