Watermark Farm Centurion

  • DOB: 2/7/15 Breeding Male
  • Sire: Watermark Farm Apollo
  • Dam: Watermark Farm Arya

Hannah and Centurion pups expected September 15, 2018


PennHIP scores:  .28 and .27

OFA: Elbows and Eyes Normal

Thistle Havens Liliana produced nine puppies sired by Centurion on 9/15/17.

These are their PennHIP scores:

.18 & .16 – Blue male (Bonavento)- staying with me

.24 & .26 – Blue Tail male (Armani)- available

.18 & .30 – Green male (Santino)- sale pending

.22 & .24 – Turquoise male (Marquise)- available

.27 & .30 – Pink female (Cameo)- staying with me

.24 & .22 – Purple female (Sarika)- staying with me

.27 & .27 – White female (name pending)- sold

This is the “White” female at five months of age. Lovely!!!

In March 2017 Centurion produced eight pups with Stoneybrook’s Hannah. The first of these to have it’s hips certified is our male BR Max, pictured below at five months of age. He scored .27 and .25. These are tremendous scores! I am so pleased.

Max face 8-7 c 600

Centurion is a laid back, practical fellow who is trusting and just expects everything to work out fine. He is accepting of new experiences while being attentive. Centurion is a wonderful dog and we feel blessed to have him in our breeding program. He is well conformed, his temperament is wonderful, he is a capable and trustworthy guardian, and his hip scores are incredible! What more could a breeder ask for!? And, to top it all off, Centurion is a joy to live with.

Tenny walk cf 600

Centurion is soft with the livestock and they feel safe with him

.Tenny work cf 600


Centurion spends his days working with his spayed very best friend Tessa.

Cent & Tessa 1-4 cf 600

Cent play cf 600

Tenny & Tessa cf 600

Here are a few photos of Centurion taken when he was twelve weeks old.


Cent goat m cf 600


Cent run m cf 600

Apollo cf 600

This is Watermark Farms Apollo – Centurion’s sire.


This is Watermark Farms Ayra – Centurion’s dam.

Photos of Apollo and Ayra courtesy of Amy Maher.


OFA elbows c


OFA eyes c