Wildcat Hollow’s Raissa

Raissa w pig c
  • DOB: 10/19/15
  • Sire: Stoneybrook's Hank
  • Dam: Gabriela of Wildcat Hollow


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Raissa’s story…..

I purchased Raissa with the hope of using her for my breeding program but unfortunately she showed signs of Ectropion as a pup. This condition is genetic so I had her spayed. Ectropion is a drooping of the lower eyelid. It doesn’t cause the dog any trouble unless it is severe. With Raissa it is very slight but the genetic information is there. Raissa was sold when she was six months old partnered with a mature female from here. The dogs were to guard chickens, pigs, and deer. The people who bought Raissa were super responsible with her training and did their best to work with her through her exuberant puppy behaviors, but guarding flighty animals was not to be for Raissa. The pair had good success for several months but one snowy day Raissa was discovered with a deer she had brought down. Katie, the adult mentor, came back here to me and is doing great. I have had no problems with her with my animals. Raissa is spending her time on a zip line while we all look for an appropriate new home for her.

Raissa is spayed and has a hip rating of “Excellent”. She is a large dog at 110lbs or so, and she is beautiful! She is super friendly and has shown no aggression to cats, other dogs, or people. She has shown no inclination to challenge fences. She would be a wonderful family guardian as she adores children. She isn’t noisy. She barks when there is something to alert to. Raissa  got her start with alpacas. When I bought her I used her with my hair sheep, mini donkeys and mini cattle.  She did great with all of them. Raissa would be an appropriate guardian for steady animals such as cattle, or other livestock that wouldn’t run from her. She has been trustworthy with her pigs, in large part because they don’t respond to her invitation to play. Raissa is very kind and sensitive. She’s still an immature dog, so she still has an opportunity to outgrown her effervescent puppy behaviors, but right now she’s still a bouncy, playful girl.

I have listed Raissa here in an effort to assist her owners in finding her a new home. She is owned by Natalie and Allan Tegarden. Natalie’s email address is: ntegarden@msn.com. You are welcome to contact her directly if you would like more information about Raissa, or get in touch with me. They are asking $800 for Raissa. She currently lives in Vancouver, Washington.


Raissa w cat c