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Seven month old Marquise and Armani enjoying life!

I am committed to doing my best for my dogs and that includes seeing that they have contented and productive lives. I absolutely know that the quality of life for a Maremma allowed to work with a partner is hugely improved from that of a single dog. Maremmas allowed to work as pairs bark less, climb or dig under fences less, and play with livestock less. Predators are much less likely to take on a formidable pair of dogs, and if attacked two dogs are much more likely to survive the encounter. Livestock are better protected by a pair of dogs because they are never left alone. Maremmas know they are to stay with their livestock AND do perimeter checks. A single dog cannot do both and must chose which to do. Patrolling perimeter fencing deters predators, but when a single dog does this the livestock are left unprotected. Predators know this. When Maremmas work in pairs one dog stays with the livestock while the other does patrols; if there is a problem the patrolling dog will sound the alarm and his partner will rush to his aid. It’s a wonderful system; for the owner, the livestock, and for the dogs. Maremmas live their lives in service and are prepared to give their lives to this end. I see it as a minimum requirement of an owner of any of my dogs to do their very best to create an OPTIMAL living situation for my dogs. One of those elements is allowing the dogs to work as pairs. I am fine with placing a single dog in a home that already has a working guardian dog. I can also help a potential buyer locate a suitable partner for one of my dogs if I don’t have a bonded pair of dogs available. I will not place any of my dogs in a living situation where they will be asked to work alone.

The Lili Pups

This photo was taken April 10, 2018 when Lili’s pups were almost seven months old. Lili is in the left foreground, with three of her male pups. Lili weighs 130 lbs – these pups are going to be big dogs!!

On 9/15/17 I had a litter of puppies born. The sire of the pups is Wartermark Farms Centurion. The dam of the pups is Thistle Havens Liliana. I kept seven of the pups until they were old enough for hip testing. On 1/29/18 the final scores came in. I use pet dye to identify my pups as I live with them so that I can better evaluate them as they mature, hence the names of the pups. Here they are:

.18 & .16 – Blue male (Bonavento)- staying with me

.24 & .26 – Blue Tail male (Armani)- available

.18 & .30 – Green male (Santino)- sold

.22 & .24 – Turquoise male (Marquise)- available

.27 & .30 – Pink female (Cameo)- staying with me

.24 & .22 – Purple female (Sarika)- staying with me

.27 & .27 – White female (Lucia)- sold

This project has been a lot of work – and expensive – but it has also been affirming. I am so proud of the scores these pups came away with and happy to know that as I place them with new owners I am not sending hip dysplasia out there for an unsuspecting buyer to deal with. My thought had been that if any of my pups had problems I would keep those pups here with me. Obviously, per the scoring, I use PennHIP testing. On the bottom of the PennHIP certificates you can see a grey area. That is where typical Maremma scores fall. Periodically the scores of all Maremmas tested via PennHIP are compared and the average scores for the breed change, hopefully with a shift to the left. As we, as breeders, produce more pups with scores as high as the ones awarded my pups the average scores for our breed should continue to improve, which is a major reason this testing is so important in my opinion. As you might guess I am very excited and proud to have produced a group of pups of the quality these are. It takes a lot of time and money to build a high quality breeding program. Results like these are part of why that effort is worth it, again, in my opinion.

When I began building my breeding program only 5% of the registered Maremmas in the US and Canada had had their hips tested/certified, via OFA or PennHIP methods. I have had hip certifications done on nineteen Maremmas. I am proud to be she who has hip tested the most Maremmas! But even with all of that the scores these Lili pups have are amazing. The fact that there is such consistency in the litter is soooo impressive. The likelihood of an animal to reproduce traits in it’s offspring lies with the genetic background. Breeding only dogs with good hip testing scores is a very good way to improve the quality of the hips in the breed, but with genetics nothing is black and white. Two very good dogs can still produce a pup with problems. The more that is known and proven about the quality of the genetics in the background the more probable it becomes to be able to predict the quality of the offspring. Genetics fascinates me, as you may have noticed given this big speech.

At present I am the secretary of the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America. I can tell you that the tide is changing. More and more buyers are putting pressure on breeders to do health screening with their breeding dogs. In 2017 the Code of Ethics breeders of MSCA went from three to ten, and I know more breeders are working on testing their breeding dogs and making the commitment to being ethical and responsible breeders.

I offer these three male Lili pups with pride, and will place them with great care. I have a rigorous sales contract. It is my intention to see that these incredible pups be bred only to females with good hip scores. I’ve work hard to get where I am!!!! I am so excited to be able to send pups such as these out for other breeders to use with their high quality females, thereby influencing the quality of the gene pool for the breed. For me with breeding that’s what it’s all about.

So here they are…..



Benson Ranch Armani

  • DOB: 9/15/17 Breeding Quality Male
  • Sire: Watermark Farm Centurion - PennHIP scores .28 & .27
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Liliana - PennHIP scores .31 & .27

PennHIP scores .24 & .26

Armani is an elegant fellow. He is bold and friendly and shows a nice balance between puppy behavior and working behavior. He has handled all my training challenges well, and they are many, and is currently guarding miniature cattle with Marquise. He had lived with hair sheep prior beginning when he was …

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Benson Ranch Marquise

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/15/17 Breeding Quality Male
  • Sire: Watermark Farm Centurion - PennHIP scores .28 & .27
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Liliana - PennHIP scores .31 & .27

Marquise has been sold to MSCA President Deborah Reid
Black Alder Ranch – Idaho
Thank You Debi!!

PennHIP scores .22 & .24

Marquise likes life! He is a social pup who meets every new challenge with enthusiasm. He’s a little bit of a tough guy at times but is very tractable and responsive. I like the “edge” he shows, as …

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Benson Ranch Santino

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/15/17 Breeding Quality Male - SALE PENDING
  • Sire: Watermark Farm Centurion - PennHIP scores .28 & .27
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Liliana - PennHIP scores .31 & .27

PennHIP scores .18 & .30

Santino is an interesting pup. He is very intentional – thoughtful. He has been bold and independent right from the start. As you’ve seen I use pet dye to identify my pups. While working on the ranch if I see a pup away from the group working I always go take …

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Benson Ranch Caprice

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 10/9/17 Working Quality Female - SALE PENDING
  • Sire: Stoneybrook's Milan
  • Dam: Wildcat Hollow Cami

Four Month Old Working Quality Female Pup Available
Benson Ranch Caprice is a mild tempered, steady uncomplicated pup. I have done lots of leash work with her. She is very well socialized with people and ranch activity. Caprice has worked in several different fields on the ranch with varying degrees of difficulty, and has worked with …

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