For Sale

MeadowCroft Serendipity

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 5/9/17
  • Sire: Benedetto
  • Dam: Stoneybrook's Tillia Natalia

Serendipity has been paired with our lovely male BR Max. Max is Hannah’s 2017 son by Watermark Farm Centurion. They now belong to Drs. Paul and Laura Bailey of Roseburg, Oregon. New members to the MSCA, they are also new Code of Ethics breeders! I am proud to see them start off with such impressive …

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Thistle Havens Annalise and Thistle Havens Sammy

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 2/25/16
  • Sire: Thistle Havens Hunter - PennHIP scores .31 & .36
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Tulip - PennHIP scores .31 & .34

This is Sammy and Annie with their new owner. All three are doing well!
Annie is a lovely pup with her dam’s mild temperament. She is being offered as a working guardian with her partner and sibling, Sammy. Both dogs have Limited Registrations. Annie must be spayed prior to one year of age and Sammy must be …

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 8/3/14
  • Sire: Vincenzo
  • Dam: Gianna Dell'Antico Tratturo

9/28/16 Update – Camari has a home!!!! She is no longer for sale.
8/20/2016 Update – For Sale – $1500
Camari is looking for a new home………
I sold Camari when she was about six months old to Wally and Kathleen Gates of Las Vegas, NV. I partnered her with a younger female pup named Tia. Tia is …

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Wildcat Hollow’s Santi

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 7/12/15
  • Sire: Pastore Transumante Bartolo
  • Dam: Alexandra of Wildcat Hollow

This is Santi with Katie. She has been a great puppy mentor!


Santi had only been here about a week when these photos were taken.

This is Bartolo with Allie. At 140 lbs he’s a big guy!!
This is Allie – Santi’s dam. Photo courtesy of Wildcat Hollow.
This is Gabby – Allie’s dam. Photo courtesy of Wildcat Hollow.

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Peavine Hollow’s Sancia

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 3/14/15
  • Sire: Francesco del Montelarco
  • Dam: Stella

Sancia is becoming a sweet, sensitive, kind, confident pup. She greets people softly and is quick to please. I love this photo because it really shows who she is.
Sancia is on the left. She is very fond of children!!!
She’s on the left this time!
Sancia is the pup closest to the young man. That’s Hannah in …

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Bridal Veil Tia

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 2/19/15
  • Sire: Ravenwood's Maximus
  • Dam: Bridal Veil Fibi

Tia is a super sweet gentle pup. She loves her dairy goat Diva! Tia has been started on chickens, sheep, her goat, and has shared a fence line with donkeys and cattle. Tia has the right temperament to be a family member as well as a guardian dog. We are looking for just the right …

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