Why Benson Ranch Puppies Are Special

 I have selected our breeding dogs with great care. Some what makes our pups special comes from the genetic influence of their sire and dam; much of what makes them special is what they learn while they live with me on the ranch. This is true even for pups that leave as early as eight-nine weeks of age. Most of my buyers who have had the opportunity to visit the ranch choose to leave their pups with me longer so that I can do further training. Most of my pups stay in training with me until they are 12-14 weeks old.

As I write this I have eleven pups in training that are 5-6 months old. These pups are sure to do very well in their new homes. Because of my willingness to invest time in the training of my pups, the variety of animals I can use for training opportunities, the adult dogs I use for mentoring, and the logistics of the ranch our pups leave here with a solid base to build on. I have been told they transition into their new homes very well. This is very important to me. I love my dogs and am committed to their success.



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Training – Training – Training!!!