Our Maremmas

Marley Tulip down cf 600

Attentive – Protective – Trustworthy

The guardian dogs came into our lives by necessity. I had resisted the idea for years for many reasons: I didn’t want to be responsible for more animals, I didn’t want to feed that much dog food, I didn’t want to have to listen to the dogs bark, and the list goes on. The final push came with the loss of a $5000 foal. As Murphy’s Law prevails, she was my favorite of that year’s foal crop. And so came the first guardian dog. Almost immediately Mitch and I rested easier because it was clear this dog knew her job, and enjoyed it! What I was really unprepared for was how much I would come to love these dogs for who they are, far beyond the very important work they do for me. My awe and respect for them cannot be overstated. It is a distinct privilege to be allowed to live with them.

Tessa w foal cf 600

Tessa and me with a foal


Cami 1-4 cf 600

Wildcat Hollow Cami at six months old

I present our Maremmas to you proudly. All come from working parents and from experienced, responsible breeders of high quality dogs. Our dogs have proven to be capable guardians, have conformation and temperament within the breed standard, and have passed their health exams, including PennHIP certification. All our breeding dogs have these certifications and have among the highest possible scores. I am SOOOO proud of this!!!!  To learn more about what PennHIP is please go to: http://info.antechimagingservices.com/pennhip/

Milan nose cf 600

Stoneybrook’s Milan with a three week old mini calf

Santi and Katie cf 600

Wildcat Hollow Santi with his spayed mentor Katie

Cent & Tessa 1-4 cf 600

The dog in the foreground is our male Watermark Farm’s Centurion, with his spayed partner Tessa.

play spin cf 600

Youngsters Wildcat Hollow’s Cami and Wildcat Hollow’s Raissa at play.

Guardian dogs are happiest and most effective when they work in groups or as pairs. It is a big advantage for a pup to be mentored by a more mature guardian. I have kept many of our early unregistered dogs to work in this capacity. They have been spayed or neutered, as is appropriate, and have helped me raise and train the registered pups. This works so well. Here on the ranch I have several transitional areas that I use as the puppies mature and are able to take on more responsibility. I have a small flock of St. Croix sheep for the young pups to live and bond with. They are great puppy trainers! My pups will ultimately guard the Miniature Donkeys and cattle but I don’t want to put an eight week old pup in that hazardous position. The smaller stock are a safer way for them to get started.

Raissa w sheep 1-10 cf 600

Three month old Wildcat Hollow’s Raissa with her sheep

Cami w sheep cf 600

Six month old Wildcat Hollow’s Cami with her sheep. She is also mentoring Raissa for me.

Tanzi on hill cf 600


Link w Hoo 11-26 cf 600


So Let Me Introduce You To Our Registered Maremmas!!!



Milan side 12-2

Stoneybrook’s Milan

  • DOB: 3/25/15
  • Sire: Stoneybrook's Marco - OFA Hips Good
  • Dam: Stoneybrook's Alishe - OFA Hips Good

PennHIP scores:  .15 and .34

These hip scores put Milan in the 90th percentile for all Maremmas tested!!!!
OFA: Eyes Normal

Thistle Havens Tulip had eight pups sired by Milan on March 2, 2017

Milan will be bred to Wildcat Hollow Cami late 2017


Milan is our second breeding male. He is a confident and attentive guardian with a kind, sensitive demeanor. I do love this …

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Tenny look 2-16 cf 600

Watermark Farm Centurion

  • DOB: 2/7/15
  • Sire: Watermark Farm Apollo
  • Dam: Watermark Farm Arya

PennHIP scores:  .28 and .27

These hip scores put Centurion in the 90th percentile for all Maremmas tested!!!!
OFA: Elbows and Eyes Normal

Centurion is a laid back, practical fellow who is trusting and just expects everything to work out fine. He is accepting of new experiences while being attentive. Centurion is a wonderful dog and we feel blessed to have …

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Hannah side b 1-27

Stoneybrook’s Hannah

  • DOB: 3/25/15
  • Sire: Stoneybrook's Marco
  • Dam: Stoneybrook's Alishe


PennHIP scores:  .24 and .27

These hip scores put Hannah in the 90th percentile for all Maremmas tested!!!!
OFA: Elbows and Eyes Normal

Hannah is feminine but also has great width and bone. She is maturing into quite an impressive dog and we feel fortunate indeed to have her with us.
Thank you to Colleen Williams of Stoneybrook Maremmas, Minnesota for sending …

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Lili 6-17 cf 600 cf 600

Thistle Havens Liliana

  • DOB: 3/30/14
  • Sire: Francesco del Montecarlo - direct Italian import
  • Dam: Stella - direct Italian import

PennHIP scores:  .31 and .27

These hip scores put Liliana in the 90th percentile for all Maremmas tested!!!!

Liliana will be bred to Watermark farm Centurion late 2017

We were so very fortunate to be able to purchase this incredible dog and thank Kristi Zwicker of Thistle Havens Farm for this opportunity. Liliana is a gregarious girl and has settled in …

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Tulip M cf 600

Thistle Havens Tulip

  • DOB: 2/27/15
  • Sire: Thistle Havens Rohan - PennHIP scores .41 & .46
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Dahlia - PennHIP scores .37 & .41

PennHIP scores:  .31 and .34

These hip scores put Tulip in the 85th percentile for all Maremmas tested!!!!

Tulip had eight pups sired by Stoneybrook’s Milan on March 2, 2017
all pups are reserved

Tulip is such a kind, sensitive soul. I love everything about this girl. She is long and lean and so, so athletic. She is extremely tractable; I can get anything …

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Cami 1-4 cf 600

Wildcat Hollow’s Cami

  • DOB: 7/12/15
  • Sire: Pastore Transumante Bartolo - OFA hips Good
  • Dam: Alexandra of Wildcat Hollow - OFA hips Good

OFA Immature Hip Score: Fair
OFA: Elbows and Eyes Normal

We anticipate breeding Cami to Stoneybrook’s Milan in the fall pending her final OFA rating
Cami is a gorgeous dog!!! She has had full health testing, as have her sire, dam, grand dam, etc. There is a lot known about this wonderful girl in terms of genetics! Her …

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Raissa w pig c

Wildcat Hollow’s Raissa

  • DOB: 10/19/15
  • Sire: Stoneybrook's Hank
  • Dam: Gabriela of Wildcat Hollow

Raissa’s story…..
I purchased Raissa with the hope of using her for my breeding program but unfortunately she showed signs of Ectropion as a pup. This condition is genetic so I had her spayed. Ectropion is a drooping of the lower eyelid. It doesn’t cause the dog any trouble unless it is severe. With Raissa it …

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Sammy w Annie 8-26 cf 600

Thistle Havens Annalise and Thistle Havens Sammy

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 2/25/16
  • Sire: Thistle Havens Hunter - PennHIP scores .31 & .36
  • Dam: Thistle Havens Tulip - PennHIP scores .31 & .34

This is Sammy and Annie with their new owner. All three are doing well!
Annie is a lovely pup with her dam’s mild temperament. She is being offered as a working guardian with her partner and sibling, Sammy. Both dogs have Limited Registrations. Annie must be spayed prior to one year of age and Sammy must be …

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Camari face 8-16 c


  • SOLD
  • DOB: 8/3/14
  • Sire: Vincenzo
  • Dam: Gianna Dell'Antico Tratturo

9/28/16 Update – Camari has a home!!!! She is no longer for sale.
8/20/2016 Update – For Sale – $1500
Camari is looking for a new home………
I sold Camari when she was about six months old to Wally and Kathleen Gates of Las Vegas, NV. I partnered her with a younger female pup named Tia. Tia is …

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Santi 1-4 cf 600

Wildcat Hollow’s Santi

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 7/12/15
  • Sire: Pastore Transumante Bartolo
  • Dam: Alexandra of Wildcat Hollow

This is Santi with Katie. She has been a great puppy mentor!


Santi had only been here about a week when these photos were taken.

This is Bartolo with Allie. At 140 lbs he’s a big guy!!
This is Allie – Santi’s dam. Photo courtesy of Wildcat Hollow.
This is Gabby – Allie’s dam. Photo courtesy of Wildcat Hollow.

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Sancia 9-1 cf 600

Peavine Hollow’s Sancia

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 3/14/15
  • Sire: Francesco del Montelarco
  • Dam: Stella

Sancia is becoming a sweet, sensitive, kind, confident pup. She greets people softly and is quick to please. I love this photo because it really shows who she is.
Sancia is on the left. She is very fond of children!!!
She’s on the left this time!
Sancia is the pup closest to the young man. That’s Hannah in …

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Bridal Veil Tia

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 2/19/15
  • Sire: Ravenwood's Maximus
  • Dam: Bridal Veil Fibi

Tia is a super sweet gentle pup. She loves her dairy goat Diva! Tia has been started on chickens, sheep, her goat, and has shared a fence line with donkeys and cattle. Tia has the right temperament to be a family member as well as a guardian dog. We are looking for just the right …

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