Raineys Community Service


Cent look 1 cf 600 copy

This is me, Cindy, with Centurion and one of the wonderful Raineys employees. They were great all day in helping me socialize the pups in a positive way. Thank you!


On August 22, 2015 Benson Ranch and friends had the privilege of being part of a local community service event. A good time was had by all – humans and animals alike! Over the years I have done lots of this sort of thing. I know how fortunate I am to live the life I do. It is a privilege to be allowed to live with my animal family and I feel strongly about sharing them with others. When I was a child experiences like this shaped the future of my life; now I have the opportunity to give back. The last few outings I have had the most excellent helpers!!! I’ll introduce them to you through the photos. And at this event, for the first time, I included the Maremmas. I took Watermark Centurion (6 mo old male), Stoneybrook’s Milan (5 mo old male), and Stoneybrook’s Hannah (5 mo old female). I knew these pups would be way out of their comfort zone and worried about how they would handle it. The event was held about ten minutes from the ranch so I knew I could run them home if they needed me to. I underestimated them! They had a great time and learned a lot, and I learned a lot by watching them. It was well worth the effort! I hope you enjoy the photos and stories……

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This was our set-up. We had three 12′ x 12′ pens on each side. The animals all had shade cloth overhead (thank you Raineys!!!) and we had a pop-up. I took my Haflinger mare Regina, my Scottish Highland cow Frosty, two mini cow calves, two Miniature Donkey weanlings, two Poitou donkeys, two St. Croix sheep, and the three pups. They were a colorful and interesting collection! I was proud of them all. We were on display for 7 1/2 hours and steadily had visitors throughout the day.

pups cf 600

This is the pen the pups were in. I had lined the corral panels with hog panels to be sure the dogs would stay in, and I gave them the St. Croix sheep for company. Initially I had thought to have the pups on display only, with me bringing them out on leash from time to time. Our location was close to the highway and that worried me. As well housed as they were, I knew those pups could climb out if they really decided to so I was cautious, and I didn’t want to overwhelm them with the stimulus of people and noise. It took the pups about an hour to figure out that we all were staying in one place, and they stretched out and went to sleep!

pup w annabell cf 600

This photo was taken about an hour after our display was in place. As you can see, the pups aren’t concerned!


This is Annabel, our eight month old mini cow heifer calf snuggling Milan. She loves her dogs! She was a bottle calf when Hannah and Milan arrived at the ranch, so they have grown up together somewhat. That’s great fun to watch!


Annabell w kids cf 600

Rylan sharing Annabel. He made sure the littlest children got to visit with her.

Annabel was very popular all day, and so was Rylan! My husband Mitch is an equine veterinarian and he has a vet tech that works with him always. Her name is Becca, and you will meet her in a minute. Becca has two wonderful boys named Hunter and Rylan. Here’s Rylan! You’ll meet Hunter in a bit. Toni and Corina were my two other adult volunteers. They were wonderful and I thank them very much!!!! I am always especially excited to have children working with me. Hunter and Rylan were soooo good at being friendly and confident and answering all the same questions, over and over, all day long. They just never tired. I find that the children visiting are most comfortable approaching my child volunteers; it seems empowering for both. Hunter and Rylan were flawless! Rylan stayed with Annabel all day while Hunter worked with the mini donkeys, one of which was a handful at times. I don’t think I ever walked in either of those pens all day. Those boys had it handled!

Annabel group cf 600



Rylan brush cf 600 copy

Rylan in a quiet moment brushing Annabel.


boys w annabell cf 600 copy


Rylan & Annabell cf 600

Rylan hugging Annabel

Right next door were the pups. I put this much too small crate in the pen just in case any of them felt they needed a corner. Centurion, the largest pup by far, decided it was his.

Cent w lamb cf 600 copy

Cent sleep cf 600

girl 1 w curtsy cf 600

This is Curtsy, my Poitou jenny.


girl w curtsy cf 600

Visiting with Curtsy


Genie group cf 600

Visitors with Regina, my Haflinger mare. She is my lovely cart pony and children’s riding horse.


girls w Genie cf 600 copy

Toni w boys cf 600

Toni with Frosty, my Scottish Highland cow. Frosty loves these events.

kids w foals cf 600

Visiting with my five month old mini donkeys foals

visit w star cf 600


boy with Lily cf 600

This is one of my favorite photos. What a sweet moment. Lily was ever so patient throughout the day.

Cent french fry cf 600

This is Corina, nearly unseated by Milan who was after a French fry. The young man is Becca’s son Hunter.

pups w Becca cf 600 copy

This is Becca with Centurion and a young visitor.

play w pups cf 600

Here’s Rylan again! I managed to get him in a lot of photos!. Hannah is the pup to the left. Milan is tipped over having a nice tummy rub in the mud, with Centurion looking on.

In the far left of this photo you can see a water trough. All the other pens had water buckets instead. For the dogs the trough doubled as a swimming pool all day, which created a great muddy place. They thoroughly enjoyed that as well!


Cent w boys

Hunter and Rylan enjoying a well deserved quiet moment with Centurion.

Milan visit cf 600

Milan visiting with a Raineys employee.

Over the course of the day I took each pup out for a walk among the crowd. I did this twice with each dog. They went out across the pavement, down through the vendor booths, and around people and noise. I continued the walks until the pups let me know they had had enough. They would start out forward and engaged, and then become rounded and cautious; at that point I would head back with them to what was familiar. They made it farther each time. All the pups were good minded, friendly, and steady even around the other dogs they encountered. I only talked with two people all day who had heard of the Maremma breed, and many people did not know about livestock guardian dogs at all. I enjoyed talking about being able to live in harmony with the predators in our area, and predator preservation in general. Many of the people I talked to that were aware livestock guardian dogs existed were surprised that they could be friendly, family dogs as well as protecting livestock. The pups were wonderful ambassadors for the breed and I was very proud of them.

Milan hug cf 600

Milan getting a hug from Jonne. She was one of the local vendors and was great with each of my dogs.

Milan worry cf 600

Milan letting me know he had had enough. Notice his worried countenance.

Cent cf 600


Cent face 1 cf 600


Cent face cf 600


Cent greet cf 600

Centurion getting a snuggle.

Jonne Cent greet cf 600

Jonne with Centurion

Jonne w Cent 2 cf 600

Jonne w Cent cf 600

Hannah side cf 600 copy

Hannah down among the vendor displays.

Hannah sniff cf 600 copy


Hannah w baby cf 600


Hannah w me cf 600

Hannah with me

Hannah pet cf 600

Hannah letting me know it was time to head back.

Hannah walk cf 600 copy

Hannah with me headed back to the safety of the animal pens.

Hannah worry cf 600

This is Hannah meeting a dog up near our animals. She never growled, and never wagged her tail. She just stood and considered him for the longest time! It was interesting.

Well that wraps it up! I hope you have enjoyed the photos!!!!