Our Herd

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Mitch and Charo


My husband Mitch is as crazy about his little cows as I am my donkeys and dogs. We have the cows because we enjoy them! We have one incredible bull, our beloved “Charo”, and ten or so cows. We produce a few calves for sale each year Please feel free to let us know if you would like to be notified of available calves.

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  • DOB: 1/1/05
  • Height: 39"
  • Sire: un-named Sundog bull
  • Dam: un-named Sundog cow

Charo is the foundation of our herd. He is beautiful and sweet tempered.

We lost our beloved Charo is September 2018. I am certain there couldn’t be another bull out there who could begin to replace him so we have decided to just keep a few of our favorite girls as pets and let the rest …

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  • Height: 36"
  • Sire: Buttercube - Sundog bull
  • Dam: un-named Sundog cow

Margie is my favorite cow. I raised her on a bottle years ago so I have spent a lot of time with her. She has a wonderful disposition, and great calves with Charo. Margie has been re-bred to Charo for a November 2015 calf.
This is Margie with the herd. Charo is to the right and …

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  • Height: 35 1/2"
  • Sire: un-named Sundog bull
  • Dam: un-named Sundog cow

Florie is one of our older cows. She has had some nice calves with Charo too!
This is Orlando in our living room! He’s a sweetie, and is Charo’s calf with Florie.
Orlando at about six months old.

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  • DOB: 12/10/14
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: un-named Dexter cow

We’d like to have a whole field full of calves just like Annabelle!

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  • DOB: 1/1/16
  • Color: Red/White spotted
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Gracious

Sparky will stay with us as a replacement heifer as some of our original girls are getting up there in age – so are we!

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  • DOB: 2/1/14
  • Sire: Tippy
  • Dam: Junebug

Cricket is our favorite calf of 2015!!! I will update her photo soon….
We have decided to keep just a few of our favorite cows as pets and discontinue breeding mini cows so Cricket is available. She isn’t enough of a pet to walk up to her in the field and lead her off, but she …

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 6/17/16
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Blossom

Begonia is a very friendly, laid back girl. Her color is still changing. As she matures she will show more brindle. Begonia is a purebred Sundog.
Begonia will be sold with Sunshine only. The two of them are friends, and will be a very entertaining pair of girls for someone.


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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 1/13/17
  • Color: Red/White spotted
  • Sire: Norman
  • Dam: September

Sunshine is gorgeous!!! She will be sold with Begonia only.

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 12/14/14
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Un-named Dexter cow

Jubilee is an adult, bottle raised tame cow. She has been in two parades and numerous community service events. She has been exposed to our very small Dexter bull so she is probably pregnant.


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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 1/14/16
  • Color: Red/White spotted
  • Sire: Tippy
  • Dam: September

Savannah will be offered for sale after she calves, which I expect her to do sometime in November. She is a bottle raised gentle pet, and is beautiful!

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 5/14/12
  • Height: 43"
  • Sire: registered Scotch Highland bull
  • Dam: registered Scotch Highland cow

Frosty is my beloved pet. She isn’t a Sundog, obviously. She is small for her breed which makes her just right for us. In 2014 she produced a gorgeous bull calf by Charo. Frosty has been re-bred to Charo. After she calves this next time I will let her go. We lost our beloved bull …

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 6/1/12
  • Height: 38"?
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Shelby

This Charo daughter is out of a small spotted cow of unknown origin.
This lovely heifer calf is Junebug’s 2014 daughter by Tippy. We named her Cricket.
Junebug has been pastured with a very small Dexter bull for several months and is probably pregnant.

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/1/13
  • Height: 36"?
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Shelby

September is another Charo daughter out of Sheby that we have added to our breeding program. She’s a small tank of a girl!  In 2016 she gave us an outstanding red and white spotted heifer calf that we are keeping. In 2017 she gave us another red and white heifer calf that is almost identical. …

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 7/29/12
  • Height: 36"
  • Sire: Arlo - Sundog bull
  • Dam: Grace - Sundog cow

Gracious is our newest Sundog heifer. In 2014 she produced a flashy bull calf sire by a Dexter bull. In 2016 she gave us a fancy red and white spotted heifer that we are keeping. In 2017 she produced the outstanding bull calf now listed.

This is Santiago. He is Gracious’s 2014 bull calf.

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Black Mamba

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 5/16/14
  • Height: 36"?
  • Sire: registered Dexter bull
  • Dam: registered Dexter cow

Mamba is a tiny purebred Dexter heifer. I believe she is currently pregnant. She has been exposed to our bull Charo for several months. She is gentle and easy to manage.


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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 6/13/16
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Frosty

This bull is gorgeous!!!! Ah Frosty…I had ordered up a long haired red and white heifer to add back into our program….she got it mostly right! This calf is so sweet, and his color is outstanding. He is brick red and white, broad and boxy. Frosty’s 2015 bull calf was friendly, as this calf is. Frosty …

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 4/10/16
  • Color: Red/White spotted
  • Sire: Tippy
  • Dam: Junebug

Charlotte is lovely!!! She was born on the same day as my first litter of pet pigs were born, so I named her Charlotte – of Charlotte’s Web fame. This calf is so head’s up and fancy. We really struggled with whether we could bring ourselves to part with her. But somebody has to buy …

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  • SOLD
  • DOB: 2/10/15
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Florie

We have decided to offer this Charo daughter for sale. She isn’t going to be super tiny, but still falls within mini cow standards. Her dam has a lot of dairy influence and a few of her heifer calves have gone to other homes to be used as milk cows. We haven’t handled Satrene much, …

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Sweet William

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 11-1-15
  • Height: 38"
  • Sire: Registered Dexter
  • Dam: Registered Miniature Durham

I bought William to use as an outcross bull for us. Shortly after I purchased him a friend offered me a very tiny similar type bull that was being bottle raised. I raise livestock guardian dogs and needed an additional small animal right then as a puppy trainer so I bought him. I will keep …

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Tippy – adult bull

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 1/1/2012
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 40"
  • Sire: Texas Longhorn
  • Dam: Dexter

Tippy is a well conformed easy going bull. We bought him to use with our first time heifers. Since we primarily raise Sundog cattle Tippy is out of a job!


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Santiago – bull calf

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 12/2/14
  • Color: black/white spotted
  • Sire: Tippy
  • Dam: Gracious

Santiago is a flashy beef type bull. He’s calm and easy to be around. He can sell as a bull or as a steer.


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