Foals of 2020

Here at Benson Ranch we wait eagerly for our foals as they are a result of much careful planning and big dreams. Our foals are born throughout most of the year. This herd has been established for many years and quite a few of the individual donkeys are well known. If you see a pairing that particularly appeals to you please let me know and I will notify you when that foal is born.

*** I sell donkeys in same sex pairs only. Geldings are usually $2000 per donkey; jennets are usually $4000 per donkey. Foals can leave me when the oldest of the pair is five months old. ***

Please let me know if you’d like to be on my waiting list for foals of 2022. 

















Circle C Penny Ante x BR Pepper Jack  3/31
Circle C Mirage x BR Pepper Jack  4/2
Ass-pirin Acres Just Plain Sugar x BR Pepper Jack  4/10
Circle C Taffy’s Link x BR Pepper Jack  4/11
Circle C Avaline x BR Pepper Jack  4/14
BR Caley x Circle C Lightening’s Rembrandt  4/14
BR Debutant x BR Pepper Jack  4/27
BR Sangria x BR Pepper Jack  4/24