Jennets Now Available

I only sell my donkeys in same-sex pairs; said differently, I only sell them with each other. I do not sell single donkeys. Please don’t ask me to.

I update my site frequently; if you see a donkey listed here as available, that is likely the case. Please inquire.

Herd walking

It is finally time for me to step down as a breeder, at the level that has been true for the past thirty years. I have twenty breeding-age jennets that are available to new homes, as well as two weanling jennets from this year. I will place my girls carefully! I am in no hurry, but as people come along who have the right homes to offer my donkey family, little by little, I will let them go. So, if you have a wonderful home to offer, please feel free to reach out and let me know that.

I will place my girls in same-sex pairs ONLY.

Benson Ranch is located in Gold Hill,
Oregon, just minutes off I-5.

girl w Marley cf 600

This is a young visitor with a seven-month-old mini donkey and two adult Maremmas who guard in this field. Notice the kindness of the donkey and the dogs – beautiful!

Mitch has been an equine veterinarian for 30 years and specializes in reproduction, lameness, and dentistry. He was the United States Equestrian Team’s Endurance veterinarian for several years and traveled with the US team’s horses to the World Games in Holland and Spain.

I have been riding and training equines since I was 10 years old. I have studied genetics and equine conformation extensively and have many years of animal husbandry behind me.

House and donkeys cf 600

A few of our expectant moms up near the house.