Foals of 2017

Here at Benson Ranch we wait eagerly for our foals as they are a result of much careful planning and big dreams. Most of our breeding donkeys are part of the Circle C herd and are Grant and Sharon Cooke’s legacy. It is an honor to have the herd here and a privilege to watch foals of this quality arrive. Our foals are born throughout most of the year. This herd has been established for many years and quite a few of the individual donkeys are well known. If you see a pairing that particularly appeals to you please let me know and I will notify you when that foal is born.

Smokey nose 5-15 cf 600

BR Mistral

DOB:  12/31/17  dark brown jennet
Circle C Forever Diamond II x BR Lightening’s Rembrandt

staying with us

BR Sweet Caroline

DOB:  12/28/17  grey and white spotted jennet
Circle C Larissa x BR Pepper Jack


BR Ranger

DOB:  12/26/17   grey gelding-to-be
BR Rhapsody x BR Pepper Jack


BR Finn

DOB:  12/23/17   black gelding-to-be
Double D Treasure x BR Lightening’s Rembrandt


BR Scout


DOB: 12/14/17   dark brown gelding-to-be
758’s Cleo x BR Lightening’s Rembrandt


BR Dot Com

Dot Com R 9-25 c 600

DOB:  9/7/17   brown/grey sort of spotted gelding-to-be
Circle C Topaz x BR Pepper Jack


BR Touch of Whimsy

Whimsy look 7-17

DOB: 6/28/17  light sorrel and white spotted jennet
758’s Red Velvet x BR Pepper Jack

She will stay with us.

BR Zeus

Zeus 600

DOB:  6/25/17   light sorrel gelding-to-be
MGF Venue Geofire x BR Caliente’


BR Top Shelf

Shelf 600

DOB:  6/21/17   dark sorrel jack
Circle C Cappachino x BR Prodigy



BR Avalon

Avalon 600

DOB:  6/7/17    dark brown gelding-to-be
LN Sonnies Cherries x BR Pepper Jack


BR Sparkle Plenty

SP side 1 5-23 600

DOB:  5/21/17   black spotted jennet
Hiwest Mink x BR Pepper Jack




BR Rustler

Rustler face 600

DOB:  5/18/17   grey gelding-to-be
Circle C Penny Ante x Circle C Silverado



BR Galaxy

Star side 5-18 cf 600

DOB:  5/4/17  black gelding-to-be
Circle C Avaline x MGF Future Link


BR Rosetta

Rosetta side 5-18 cf 600

DOB:  4/26/17     sorrel jennet
Circle C Flambe’ x MGF Red Jet




gypsy jen 4-9-17 cf 600

DOB:  4/3/17  black jennet
Circle C Gypsy Rose x BR Lightening’s Rembrandt


BR Cute As A Button

Reb jk 3-25 cf 600

DOB:  3/19/17  very dark brown gelding-to-be
Heiken’s Ark Rebecca x BR Lightening’s Rembrandt



BR CinnaBon


CinnaBon cf 600

DOB: 3/27/17  light sorrel gelding-to-be
BR Caley x BR Caliente’


BR Mojave

Mojave 3-28-17 cf 600

DOB:  3/26/17  dark grey gelding-to-be
Circle C Mona Lisa x MGF Future Link


BR ValentineValentine 2-23 cf 600

DOB:  2/14/17  grey gelding-to-be
MGF Prime Harvest x BR Pepper Jack



BR Hershey’s Kiss


DOB:  2/19/17  black jennet
Circle C Justine x MGF Future Link


BR Kaiden

TJ kiss 2-23 cf 600

DOB:  2/20/17  grey gelding-to-be
Circle C Taffy’s Link x BR Pepper Jack