Our Brood Jennets

Taffy's Link

Circle C Taffy’s Link

  • DOB: 7/6/2004
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 34"
  • Sire: MGF Future Link
  • Dam: Circle C Taffy

Circle C Taffy is a wonderful addition to our brood jennet herd. She has been defeated in the show ring only once, winning Champion or Reserve Champion Jennet every time. She was awarded the Best of Breed honor in 2008 at her very first show. We had fun!

MGF Future Link – Taffy’s sire


In 2010 Taffy …

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Just Plain Sugar

Ass-pirin Acres Just Plain Sugar

  • DOB: 9/10/02
  • Color: Light Sorrel
  • Height: 31 3/4"
  • Sire: Ass-pirin Acres LN Rising Son
  • Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Lil Red Jessubelle

This pretty little jennet has become a favorite of mine. She’s got an interesting attitude and I enjoy her! She is very feminine and is a balanced, well conformed jennet who crosses so well with the Circle C bloodlines.

Her 2006 light sorrel daughter by Red Lightening was purchased by Ann Pollock and lives in England.
This …

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BR Rhapsody

  • DOB: 1/30/11
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height: 31 1/2"
  • Sire: Circle C Legend
  • Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Just Plain Sugar

What a gift Rhapsody is. I have waited a long time for a jennet foal from Sugar and here she is. Sugar and Legend are star crossed and have produced a jennet and two jack foals previous to Rhapsody. All three of them are extraordinary, as Rhapsody is.
Circle C Legend – Rhapsody’s sire.

Ass-pirin Acres Just …

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Lil Angels Blush

BR Lil Angels Blush

  • DOB: 2/22/10
  • Color: Light Sorrel
  • Height: 331/4" good bite
  • Sire: Lil Angels Little Greek
  • Dam: Lil Angels Esther

Blush 7/6/21
Blush is such a lady! She is soft and feminine with her lovely color and sorrel stripe and highlights. She also has her dam’s sweet disposition. She is friendly and inquisitive with everyone she meets and is a quick favorite with visitors.
Blush as a three year old.
Blush in her winter coat.
Lil Angels Esther, Blush’s …

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Diamond Flush's Queen

Circle C Diamond Flush’s Queen

  • DOB: 8/26/05
  • Color: Light Sorrel
  • Height: 34 1/4"
  • Sire: S.S. Red Lightening
  • Dam: NCL Diamond Flush

Circle C Diamond Flush’s Queen, or DQ, as we refer to her, is a lovely jennet. She is fancy and elegant. She has a very nice hip and strong overall conformation. I love her expression and sweet disposition.
Circle C Diamond Flush’s Queen
DQ’s dam,NCL Diamond Flush, is special. She produces wonderful foals and is the dam of …

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Circle C Mirage

  • DOB: 9/27/04
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 33 3/4"
  • Sire: S.S. Red Lightening
  • Dam: Sun Creek Miss Marcella Beans

My friends will tell you that I am not fond of NLP donkeys but I think Mirage is just beautiful. It seems to me that a beautiful head is even more important in a donkey of this color and Mirage sure has one. She also has very strong overall conformation.


Mirage’s dam Marcella Beans has been …

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Circle C Justine

  • DOB: 5/26/06
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 32 1/4" good bite
  • Sire: S.S. Red Lightening
  • Dam: Hartman's Jubilee

Justine 7/6/21
Justine is built like a stout Quarter Horse and is a very pretty jennet. Her sire and dam are a perfect match and Justine is one of their best. I love everything about her.

Justine has such substance. She is wide and deep-bodied with great legs and a beautiful hip. She is a perfect example …

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Circle C Avaline

  • DOB: 8/1/06
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 33 1/2"
  • Sire: S.S. Red Lightening
  • Dam: Circle C Anna

Circle C Anna, Avaline’s dam.
Avaline is our only daughter of Anna of Circle C. Anna was a special jennet with a kind eye and lovely great big ears! She produced some wonderful foals as can be seen in Avaline.

BR Prima Donna
In 2012 Avaline gave us a beautiful jennet foal sired by Willow Creek Luigi. Her …

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Penny Ante

Circle C Penny Ante

  • DOB: 7/18/07
  • Color: grey
  • Height: 31"
  • Sire: Circle C Legend
  • Dam: NCL Diamond Flush

Penny has been added to the brood jennet herd as a replacement for NCL Diamond Flush, who is 19 years old. Diamond Flush has been a strong producer in the Cooke herd, having produced such notable offspring as Circle C Corona, who was a National Get of Sire winner.
NCL Diamond Flush – Penny’s dam. She …

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758’s Cleo

  • DOB: 3/22/10
  • Color: Dark Brown/White spotted
  • Height: 34"
  • Sire: LN Star Spangled Banner
  • Dam: Boone's Little Delight

We are very pleased to add Cleo to our outstanding group of brood jennets. She is a fancy girl and as sweet as can be. Dark spotted jennets with great conformation are very hard to come by, especially one sired by such an important jack as Star Spangled Banner, and we look forward to our …

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BR Caley

  • DOB: 12/12/11
  • Color: grey
  • Height: 35"
  • Sire: Circle C Silverado
  • Dam: 758's Clarabell

Caley is absolutely lovely! She has her sire’s correct legs and great bone and her dam’s elegance.  I am delighted to add her to our brood jennet herd. I have also kept her full brother, as a gelding, and hope to drive them as a team.

Caley is full of confidence! I enjoy her spicy disposition. …

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BR Vienna

  • DOB: 3/24/13
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height: 31 1/2" good bite
  • Sire: MGF Michelangelo G599
  • Dam: MGF La Vien Rose P649

Vienna brings outcross genetics to our breeding program. Her sire is the very nice Mc Roberts jack MGF Michelangelo.
MGF La Vien Rose – Veinna’s dam
MGF Michelangelo – Vienna’s sire
MGF Husker’s Pride – Vienna’s maternal grandsire

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BR Sangria

  • DOB: 11/23/15
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 31 1/2" good bite
  • Sire: BR Lightening's Rembrandt
  • Dam: Circle C Gypsy Rose

This jennet is gorgeous and oh so much fun!!!! She is just sure she rules the world! I am having lots of fun getting to know her.


Her sire is our incredible BR Lightening’s Rembrandt; she is only his second daughter. Her dam is out of an old time blood line that continues to be very …

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BR Posh

  • DOB: 5/9/21
  • Color: Grey/White Spotted
  • Sire: BR Lightening's Rembrandt
  • Dam: 758's Cleo

Posh is a lady! She is elegant and feminine.

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Double D Treasure – For Reference Only

  • DOB: 3/4/2000
  • Color: Grey/White Spotted
  • Height: 32 1/2"
  • Sire: Dewey Meadows Jack Pot
  • Dam: RVB Crystal

I have had Treasure for a long, long time. She crosses very well with Circle C Silverado and has had three good quality foals by him, including outstanding herd sire BR Pepper Jack. Pepper has produced so well and has proven that he is a jack I can count on to be influential.

This is BR …

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Heiken's Ark Rebecca

Heiken’s Ark Rebecca – For Reference Only

  • DOB: 5/23/1999
  • Color: grey
  • Height: 32 1/4"
  • Sire: Heiken's Ark Top Gun
  • Dam: EA Rosamaria II

This photo is of Rebecca at age ten and the stunning hind legs belong to her 2009 jennet foal BR Danika. I have showed Danika extensively and she has been a Champion many times.

Rebecca was one of the Cooke herd’s top producers. Two of her jennet foals sold through the Cooke sale in the same …

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Circle C Cappachino – for Reference Only

  • DOB: 6/12/95
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 31 3/4"
  • Sire: S.S. Red Lightening
  • Dam: Sterling Silver of Circle C

Circle C Cappachino is certainly one of our premier brood jennets. As you can see in her recent photos, she looks great at 13 years old and after many foals. She is a fancy correct jennet, and is drafty without loosing any of her refinement. She really stamps her foals as her dam, Sterling Silver …

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