SP side 1 5-23 600

BR Sparkle Plenty

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 5/21/17
  • Color: Dark Brown/White spotted
  • Sire: BR Pepper Jack
  • Dam: Hiwest Mink

Sparkle is a super nice jennet!!!!! Pepper outdid himself with this fine girl.

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Accol side 8-16 c 600

BR Accolade

  • DOB: 4/3/17
  • Color: Black
  • Sire: BR Lightening's Rembrandt
  • Dam: Circle C Gypsy Rose

Accolade is a fancy jennet who’s built like a Thoroughbred. Her dam is one of my favorite jennets, and I think Rembrandt is amazing, so I expect good things from Accolade. She is so elegant and so correct. I’d be quite happy to keep her in my breeding program!


Price:  $4500

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Hershey side 8-16 c 600

BR Hershey’s Kiss

  • DOB: 2/19/17
  • Color: Black
  • Sire: MGF Future Link
  • Dam: Circle C Justine

Hershey is a social, precocious little girl. She is a draft type jennet who will probably mature between 31″-32″. She has her dam’s beautiful head. I really like this jennet!

Below is a photo of Hershey when she was just a few days old.

Price:  $3500

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BR Rosalie

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/20/16
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Sire: BR Caliente'
  • Dam: MGF La Vien Rose

I could not be more please with this foal! La Vien is a lovely jennet. She was pregnant when I purchased her, and then went on to have a Pepper Jack daughter. I have kept them both! It would be easy to keep Rosalie as well!
Rosalie shows a lot of Caliente’s influence, although where she …

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Cele 7-22 cf 600

BR Celebration

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 3/10/16
  • Color: dark grey with star
  • Sire: MGF Future Link
  • Dam: Circle C Avaline

Celebration is a spicy girl! She’s sassy and fun. Her color right now is a bit odd so her photo isn’t great, but under that old winter coat hides a beautiful dark grey jennet I am sure!
This is Circle C Avaline, Celebration’s dam. She is an excellent jennet and has produced such lovely foals for …

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Peaches look 6-17 cf 600

BR Peaches and Creme

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 10/11/14
  • Color: Grey/White Spotted
  • Sire: BR Pepper Jack
  • Dam: 758's Clarabell

This photo was taken 6/17/16.
Peaches is a leggy, elegant young jennet built much like her sister, our brood jennet BR Caley. She is a sweet tempered, kind jennet. The photos below were taken 11/27/15 when Peaches was 14 months old.


This is 758’s Clarabell, Peaches’ dam.
Clarabell carries the well respected 758 sorrel blood lines from Texas. …

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BR Raspberry Sparkle

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/3/16
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Sire: MGF Red Jet
  • Dam: Circle C Raspberry Ice

Raspberry Ice has been a great brood jennet over the years and I have always enjoyed her foals. I believe, though, that Sparkle is the nicest foal she has ever produced. This little girl has such presence! She’s bright and stylish and oh so friendly, but with a bit of a spark. She’s very sure …

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BR Aria

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 9/24/16
  • Color: grey
  • Sire: BR Pepper Jack
  • Dam: Circle C Diamond Flush's Queen

Aria is a very pretty foal – and she’d just about have to be given who her sire and dam are. Both have produced super well for me and have foals here in the US, Holland, and Belgium. I just can’t say enough about the importance of consistent, high quality genetics.

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BR Fantasia

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 4/13/15
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Sire: MGF Future Link
  • Dam: Circle C Mona Lisa

I left home on vacation shortly after Fantasia was born, headed to Disneyland etc., hence her name! Mona always has the most beautiful foals! I’ll take more photos as soon as Fantasia’s true coat color come in, but for now here she is with her friend BR Scherezade. The photos were taken 6/8/16 when Fantasia …

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Misty side 6-17 cf 600

BR Silver Mist

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 12/5/15
  • Color: grey
  • Sire: Circle C Silverado
  • Dam: Circle C Mocha

Misty is a tiny, compact little girl with huge, beautiful eyes and her daddy’s long ears! She’s beautiful! She is a draft type jennet with substantial bone. She’s very well conformed, and what an attitude! She thinks she rules the world! She’s going to be a lot of fun for someone.
This is Misty showing her …

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Sheri look 6-17 cf 600

BR Scherezade

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 6/26/15
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Sire: Quarter Moon Top Dollar
  • Dam: Circle C Raspberry Ice

This photo was taken 6/17/16.

Sheri is maturing into SUCH a lovely jennet. These photos were taken 6/8/16,when Sheri was just slightly less than a year old. She is pictured with her best friend Fantasia. I wish we still had shows in our area because if we did Sheri would be there! I would love to …

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BR Paprika

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 4/4/15
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Sire: Quarter Moon Top Dollar
  • Dam: Circle C Diamond Flush's Queen

I was VERY tempted to keep Paprika here but have decided to let her go since I have her blood lines represented elsewhere in my herd. Paprika is feisty and fun, and she’s a great color! Her star and beautiful head make her quite striking.

These two photos of Paprika were taken 11/27/15, when she was seven …

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