Santi and Sancia Follow-up

Many potential buyers of Maremmas feel they need to begin with pups, or actually often just one pup, for the relationship to go well. I disagree, at least in the case of starting out with young dogs I have raised. I sometimes have started young dogs available. I almost always place them as pairs, and …

Tying Your Donkey – A Great Training Tool!

by Cindy Benson – 2016

In my opinion, teaching a donkey to quietly stand tied is one of the most valuable – and underappreciated – skills you can teach a donkey. It is amazing to me how many things a donkey seems to learn just by being tied to a fence. This crosses over into so …

Caring For Your Benson Ranch Weanlings

written by Cindy Benson – 2016
low water trough or bucket
1-2 low feeders or tubs for hay ( Rubbermaid 2’x3′ tubs work well, as do sheep bunk feeders)
trace mineral (selenium) salt block – a brick sized one is fine – put it in the hay feeder
bucket sized …

Setting a Young Jack Up For Success

written by
Cindy Benson 2016
A mature jack is a hyper-vigilant, territorial, and somewhat feral animal when compared to a stallion. Setting him up in an emotionally enriching environment will increase the quality of his life, and make him easier to handle. Jacks can be such a joy. My jacks have always been my favorites. They test …

Legend’s New Life – Gelding an Aged Jack

written by
Cindy Benson – January 2016
Circle C Legend had a spectacular career as a herd sire, and at the tender age of eighteen years old he became a gelding. So began a new chapter in his life. After many years of service to Sharon Cooke in Canada, and then to me here at Benson …

Five Things A New Donkey Owner Should Know

written by Cindy Benson
Bringing new donkeys home can be stressful. I have outlined below five of the  major factors in a successful donkey relationship. I hope you will find these tips helpful. Onward!
Mini donkeys need each other! These two geldings are a good example of that. They play “soccer” together almost daily!

Social Needs

Your donkey needs …

Our Custom Miniature Donkey Barn

written by Cindy Benson
When our donkey herd went from 25 donkeys to 100 in 2006 it was clear that we needed to build some fences and a barn or two. Our 360 acre ranch had no fencing to speak of when we bought it in 2005 and the only barn was one large, historic, grand, cedar …

Donkey Toys

written by Cindy Benson
Miniature Donkeys are gregarious, inquisitive, busy little equines and are generally looking for something to do. This might be chewing on your trees or barn, braying, pacing the fence line, and other not so wonderful pursuits. Or, you can channel that energy into something you would rather they do.
Here at the ranch …

Miniature Donkeys – Business or Hobby?

written by Cindy Benson
First of all let me say that I have Miniature Donkeys in my life because they make me  happy. They make my heart soar and are purely a love affair. They have been for seventeen years so far and counting. I consider living with them a privilege and cannot imagine ever being …

Tips For Trailering Miniature Donkeys

written by Cindy Benson
Tis the season for donkey shows and sales and endless adventures with your donkey friends. For many people the thought of trailering adds an element of stress. When I sat down and thought about writing this article I figured out that I have transported over 300 donkeys, and have covered at least 40,000 …