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We look forward to a long term relationship with you. Leaving the driveway with your new found love is only the beginning. We are committed to the success of your new venture. We appreciate frequent updates and questions. It is also common for us to help plan barns, fencing, and feeding arrangements prior to the purchase of a donkey. We guarantee our donkeys to be healthy and as represented at the time of the sale. All donkeys leave the ranch with health records and are registered. Whether you buy a pet or a top breeding animal, your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

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The genetic background of our herd is very important to me. Many of our best donkeys are older (17 yrs+) and I don’t want to lose their bloodlines so if they produce a jennet foal, or a jack that will work in our program, I will retain that foal because I cannot be sure they will do this again. I do not keep our “best”, I keep the bloodlines we need.

legend face cf 600

Circle C Legend



This is BR Caliente’ – kept to continue Legend’s bloodlines in our herd.