Foals of 2019

Our next foals will be due in the

Spring of 2022…..

Here at Benson Ranch we wait eagerly for our foals as they are a result of much careful planning and big dreams.



BR Casina

DOB: 7/2/19  grey and white spotted jennet
Circle C Diamond Flush’s Queen x BR Pepper Jack



BR Olivia

DOB: 6/12/19  Peach and white spotted jennet
758’s Cleo x BR Caliente’


BR Rheanna

DOB: 6/4/19  dark brown jennet
Circle C Larissa x BR Pepper Jack

She will stay with us.

BR Power Trip

DOB:  5/29/19    brown and white spotted jack
BR Rhapsody x BR Pepper Jack

This fellow will stay with us.