BR Debutant

  • SOLD
  • DOB: 7/21/12
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height: 32 1/4" good bite
  • Sire: Circle C Legend
  • Dam: LN Sonnies Cherries


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Debutant is absolutely pure elegance. She is sooooo fancy, and correct! For instance, take a look at the depth and angle of her lovely hip and her strength across her loin, and appropriate length of her back, and her depth of body……and I could go on and on.

Deb 4-27 look cf 600

I love her long, graceful neck. So many donkeys have short stubby necks that look coarse to me. Not so with Debutant!

Deb 4-27 face cf 600

Deb side 4-27 cf 600

Legend’s foals are always special and Debutant is especially so since he produces so few. He has slowed down and almost  stopped breeding. Debutant was his only 2012 foal. Jennets like this just don’t come along often.

legend face cf 300

Legend trot

These two photos are of Circle C Legend, Debutant’s sire. He is truly exceptional in every way and produces outstanding foals time and again. He is sooo consistent, and classy, and and and…. There is so much to say about Legend that I often don’t know where to begin. If you go to his herd sire page and take a look at some of his offspring over the years you will see what I mean. (To do this go to the bottom of his page. There you will find links to many of his foals.) In 2008 Legend and Cherries produced a beautiful jennet foal we named BR Cherish. She was one of the top three foals of that year and sold for $5000. Legend’s foals are quite valuable in a high quality breeding program and the resulting foals command a good dollar as well. We strongly feel his blood lines are a wise investment for a discerning breeder.

Sonnies Cherries

LN Sonnies Cherries – Debutant’s dam.

Debutant’s dam has been a very good producer for us. She has excellent genetics behind her and has crossed beautifully with both Legend and our young herd sire BR Lightening’s Rembrandt.

Monte side sr c 600

This is BR Monte Carlo – Debutant’s full brother.

Cherries produced a jack foal in 2011 by Rembrandt that went through his 2012 show season with me undefeated. He is shown as a yearling. This young jack is really something and I knew it the first minute I saw him. He is a perfect example of the consistent bloodlines represented in Debutant. She is a Legend daughter. Legend is a S.S. Red Lightening son. Monte is a son of BR Lightening’s Rembrandt, who is also a son of S.S. Red Lightening. Did you follow all that??? This kind of consistency is what our breeding program is known for and part of what that means to you is that you can expect our foals to do the same thing for you when bred correctly. A pretty face only goes so far… what counts in a breeding program is that that pretty face can produce more pretty faces… our donkeys do that!

Debutant is a sweet sassy girl and is lots of fun. She shows the influence of both sire and dam.