• SOLD
  • DOB: 5/14/12
  • Height: 43"
  • Sire: registered Scotch Highland bull
  • Dam: registered Scotch Highland cow

Frosty is my beloved pet. She isn’t a Sundog, obviously. She is small for her breed which makes her just right for us. In 2014 she produced a gorgeous bull calf by Charo. Frosty has been re-bred to Charo. After she calves this next time I will let her go. We lost our beloved bull in September and have no plans to replace him. Frosty is a little pushy with our population of geriatric mini cows so I have decided to keep her small daughter by Charo and let her go.

Frosty has been a favorite in many community service events locally. I can walk right up to her and halter her and lead her off. She’s a sweetie! Frosty is a purebred Scottish Highland cow but is un-registered.

Den & Frosty cf 600

Frosty sd 9-18 cf 600

Frosty 14 bull cf 600

This is Curly – Frosty’s 2014 bull calf by Charo.