• SOLD
  • DOB: 2/10/15
  • Sire: Charo
  • Dam: Florie

We have decided to offer this Charo daughter for sale. She isn’t going to be super tiny, but still falls within mini cow standards. Her dam has a lot of dairy influence and a few of her heifer calves have gone to other homes to be used as milk cows. We haven’t handled Satrene much, as in she isn’t halter trained nor is she a pet, but she is comfortable around people and comes when called. I can get within three of her without her being concerned but she would not willingly stand to be scratched with her level of training. Since I have not worked with her I don’t have a sense of what her temperament is like. Around here she is quiet and laid back. Both her sire and dam are sweeties, so I suspect that with a little time and effort at bonding Satrene would be too, but again I do not know that for sure. Life is demanding around here right now and I don’t have time to work with her, and I am waiting for a knee replacement. All this goes into our decision to part with her.

Satrene look 6-9 cf 600

I don’t like to de-horn our cattle. I worry that it is cruel. In Satrene’s case that meant that I harassed my husband enough that he did an incomplete job, so she has some horn. I doubt her horns will get very big, and they are not the same size which gives her a unique look. I did want to point all this out though.


Price:  $1000