Foals of 2018

Here at Benson Ranch we wait eagerly for our foals as they are a result of much careful planning and big dreams. Our foals are born throughout most of the year. This herd has been established for many years and quite a few of the individual donkeys are well known. If you see a pairing that particularly appeals to you please let me know and I will notify you when that foal is born.

BR Caley x BR Caliente’  5/25/18

MGF La Vien Rose x BR Pepper Jack  5/26/18

BR Debutant x Circle C Silverado  5/30/18

BR Blush x Circle C Silverado  6/2/18

BR Teza x BR Pepper Jack  6/3/18

Circle C Justine x BR Pepper Jack  8/22/18

Circle C Penny Ante x BR Pepper Jack   9/2/18

Circle C Dark Gypsy x BR Lightening’s Rembrandt  9/2/18

BR Vienna x BR Pepper Jack   9/4/18

Circle C Ezmeralda x BR Pepper Jack  9/12/18

BR Salia

 DOB: 4/26/18  rose grey jennet
Ass-pirin Acres Just Plain Sugar x BR Pepper Jack

This little girl will stay with us.

BR Bandera

DOB:  4/28/18   smoky black gelding-to-be
BR Renada x BR Pepper Jack

Geldings are sold in pairs only.


BR Fancy Lady

DOB: 5/3/18   black jennet
MGF Prime Harvest x BR Pepper Jack


BR Santana

DOB: 5/11/18   grey gelding-to-be
Circle C Raspberry Ice x Circle C Silverado

Geldings are sold in pairs only.


BR Kirby

photo coming soon

DOB:  5/16/18   brown gelding-to-be
Circle C Taffy’s Link x BR Pepper Jack

Geldings are sold in pairs only.


BR Splash

photo coming soon

DOB:  5/18/18  spotted jennet
Heiken’s Ark Rebecca x BR Pepper Jack

This jennet will stay with us.